• 1. Schedule your free consultation with Kellie.
  • 2. Select and pack all the things you would like to keep.
  • 3. Leave everything you don't want right in the drawers and cupboards.
  • 4. Leave the rest to Kellie's team!


  • 1. Donate/Throw Away/Give Away
  • 2. Pack items we are selling.
  • 3. Don't stress! We got this!

Kellie needs three things from you:

1. Keys to the premises
2. Two to three weeks to complete the process
3. To trust our process

*Each sale is different; Kellie's will tailor a plan to your specific property and goals.*

Kellie's is a turn key, start to finish estate services company.

We will return your keys to your completely emptied and swept clean home.

Proceeds to follow in 7-10 days.