Selling to Kellie's

Selling to Kellie's is a great way to part with your unwanted, on-trend belongings. We provide a service where you can upcycle your items and walk out with cash in hand!

Clothing must be clean, free of stains, wrinkles, pet hair, holes, and blemishes. Buttons and zippers must be intact and working. We have a limit of 30 items per visit.

Please hang your clothing for the most efficient selling experience. No garbage bags, please.

Seasonal Fashion Buy Calendar:
We are currently buying closet staples that you can layer and cold-weather-wear. We will transition away from winter pieces and onto Spring clothing on Wednesday, February 14th.

For furniture, please send pictures to for pre-approval.

Walk ins are great for:

  • If you have 30 items or less
  • You want to shop while you wait for your items to be reviewed
  • If you prefer to drop off your items for review and payment into your account
  • Unwanted items will be donated

Walk-In Hours
Wednesday: 11:15-5:30
Thursday: 11:15-5:30
Friday: 11:15-5:30
Saturday: 11:15-2:30